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Tennessee Region Sports Car Club of America (TRSCCA) Racing Schedule
(The Indy Club Racer will be on display and
demonstrated at regional SCCA events.)

Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)
Nashville Superspeedway

The Indy Club Racer’s simple design makes it easy for anyone to master.
The formula-type design emulates the IRL and Formula One race cars.
The chassis is constructed of lightweight Chromoly steel framework
making the vehicle very strong with an impressive power-to-weight
ratio of approximately 184 BHP per ton.

The Club Racer offers an affordable way to get the
genuine racing experience. The innovative design of
the Indy Club Racer guarantees more "seat" time
than "wrench" time, which make it THE best racing
option for anyone who wants to do more driving
than fixing.

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